Eamon Curtin

Eamon Curtin is a management consultant with over 25 years general management experience across a range of industries. His career has included project assignments in Italy, Denmark and USA and he has worked extensively in Germany and UK.

Now based in Ireland, Eamon works as business mentor, consultant and trainer with a wide range of businesses. 


Eamon graduated from University of Limerick with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Electronics (1st Hons.). He spent 5 years in Research and Development at Digital Equipment (Ireland) Ltd. in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. He joined Burle Industries Ltd. where he was initially based in Cork, Ireland before taking a long-term assignment in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. He joined MOOG Ltd. in 1992 where he spent 10 years in a number of management roles. This included long-term assignments in Copenhagen, Denmark and Milan, Italy working on acquisition projects.

Since 2001, Eamon has been consulted by hundreds of companies for advice on business development. He has written numerous articles and features, many of which have been published. In 2006, he launched, an on-line resource for start-up and early stage business owners.

Eamon has underpinned his management experience with part-time education, completing a Professional Certificate in Management from the Open Business School in 1995 and a Masters in Business Administration from University College Cork in 2002.


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